The Romano Winery and its vineyards are located in one of the most enchanting corners of western Sicily, between the provinces of Palermo and Trapani.

An extraordinary territory full natural and artistic beauty to discover, enjoy and taste.

Monreale, Alcamo, Partinico and Borgetto are just a few of the ancient towns present in this area, where history, art, culture and traditions all blend together.

The Scenery


The scenery that presents itself to the visitor is marvelous: laughing valleys alternate with promontories and hills that explode luxuriantly in spring, rich in colors such as the yellow of the wheat, the green of the vineyards and the red of the Sulla.

A unique panorama, like few in Sicily, where man, since time immemorial, has cultivated with care and passion, continuing for generations a productive activity that transforms the fruits of nature into delicacies for the most refined palates.