Tichè | Grillo

D.O.C. - Denominazione di Origine Controllata

TYPE:  Still white wine D.O.C.
GRAPES: 100% GRILLO. Is a white grape variety widespread above all in western Sicily. Vinified alone and with the help of cryomaceration, Grillo can give life to wines of great organoleptic depth, sapid, fragrant and with a good potential for longevity, superior to all Sicilian whites. 
The name Grillo was coined by local winemakers once the wine was already established and widespread. The choice of this name is traced back to the association with the chirping of the cricket: the song of the cricket on summer night would be as pleasant as the wines made from this vine.
Grillo is a vine that is characterized by high vigor and abundant productivitym to which must be added e remarkable ability to resist heat.
COLOR:  Light and bright straw yellow colour.
BOUQUET: On the nose it has citrus notes of melon and pear that combine with floral scents, in which broom and hawthorn stand out, with sensations of honey and vanilla, memories of green tea and orange blossom. 
TASTE: The taste is mineral and savory, thanks to the proximity of the vineyards to the sea. Fresh, soft and round at the same time. The considerable sugar content of its grapes determines wines with a good alcohol content and with a considerable aging capacity. 
PRODUCTION AREA: Western Sicily, in clayey and calcareous soils, preferred for the production of fruity white wines with floral scents.
TRAINING METHOD: Counter-espalier with Guyot pruning.
ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12,50% vol.
PAIRINGS: Perfect with appetizers based on cured meats and well-flavored cheeses. First courses based on meat or fish sauce, tasty soups, fish and shellfish.
DRINKABLE: 3/4 yars.
FORMAT: 0,750 ml.
VINIFICATION: After careful selection in the wineyard, the best grapes are softly pressed and the must odtained ferments for 8-10 days at a highly controlled temperature in steel tanks. The wine is then stored at 18-20°C. in steel tanks until bottling.
ALLERGENS: Contains sulphites.