Our production plant is at the top of the best technological innovation in modern enology, with features such as:


- Grapes pressing in a special stainless steel pit located outside the plant, with the possibility of thermosetting the process.

- The use of Criomaceration technology for white grapes and the thermoconditioned maceration for red ones. All of this is done in special stainless steel containers located inside the plant and thermoconditioned by a powerful refrigeration unit remotely controlled by special control panels.

- Soft pressing for both red and wine grapes.

- Static decantation in the absence of any clarification of the must;

- Thermo-conditioned fermentation in special stainless steel containers continuously monitored through control panels;

- Storage in thermally conditioned stainless steel tanks;

- Wine treatment with microfiltration, tangential filtration and tartrate stabilisation;

- Refining in oak barrels, placed about six feet below ground level.


The value of the innovative solutions of the production lay-out must be identified in the revision of the oenological processes that the Romano family adopted at the end of the nineteenth century.

Through the years, they have worked hard to keep up with the ever-changing times and with the latest technological innovations. Today, the soft pressing of the grapes is done with presses that emulate the ancient pressing process done by hand.

Grape-processing and wine production at our plant are also carried out in strict compliance with Biodynamic and Biodynamic certifications.