Romano Winery was established in the mid-1980s, by the entrepreneurial will of Romano family, based for generations to the cultivation of vineyards and the transformation of grapes into fine wine.

The family winemaking history dates back to at least two centuries ago, the first official documents date back to 1890, with formal acts of acquisition of the first vineyards.

When the future spouses Francesca and Lorenzo Romano received as a dowry from their father Angelo in 1890 a large sum of money and a modest vineyard in the area upstream of the municipality of Borgetto, in the province of Palermo, with which they began a thriving wine business, which today continues with the innovative plant of  Ramotta’s Land and the vineyards of Cambuca’s Land, territory of the D.O.C Alcamo and Monreale.

Romano's today


The current shareholder structure continues to be family-run and includes the president Angelo Romano, graduate in agricultural sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture in Palermo, with a master's degree in Oenology from the Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, his wife Giusy graduated in Literature and Foreign Languages, specialized in Public Relations, the son Renato graduated in economic sciences and the daughter Gaia, majoring in International Legislation.

Romano Winery proposes itself to the international quality wine market in a combination of over a hundred years of experience and specialized agronomic knowledge, with the support of the high winemaking technology adopted in the recently built plant in ContradaRamotta.